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An integrated business management solution
ERP & MIS Systems

F&A main ERP system is Microsoft Dynamics NAV, an easily adaptable enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

At the moment more than 100.000 companies around the world use Microsoft Dynamics NAV every day to automate and connect their sales, purchasing operations, accounting and inventory management. Microsoft Dynamics NAV drives innovation with an application platform that’s easy to tailor, extend, and connect to other apps & ERPs.

Using Microsoft Dynamics NAV F&A can automate processes across other applications and third-party systems for better engagement experiences and provide fully customizable business solutions adaptable to different business needs.

F&A IT infrastructure can provide remote connections to its ERP systems thus fascilitating every day business operations and decision making.

F&A has experience on supporting clients on a variety of other ERP systems such as SAP, both in conjuction with Navision as well as solely.



It delivers integrated functionality to support solutions for:

Financial Management

As the backbone of your business management solution, Microsoft Dynamics NAV accounting and finance solutions help to track and analyze business information. With end-to-end integration, it allows efficient management of the general ledger, payables, receivables, inventory, analytical accounting, fixed assets, and cash flow as well as bank reconciliations and collections. It allows the management of a variety financial processes across multiple currencies, locations, or companies.

Business Intelligence and Reporting

Microsoft Dynamics NAV brings strategic insight into the business processes with sophisticated reporting, analysis, and budgeting solutions that help improve and accelerate critical decision-making throughout the organization. Direct access to real-time, business-critical information and a wide range of analytical and reporting tools can help in the management of budgets, create and consolidate reports, and look for trends and correlations.

Customer Relation Management

Microsoft Dynamics NAV CRM enables automation of many day-to-day tasks for sales, collection, customer service and marketing professionals. Indicatively it makes easily accessible customer records and sales histories, tracking customer activity, forecasting, proactively managing contracts and service agreements.

Full integration with a business management system

The Payroll and Human Resources Management System uses the Payroll, Time and Personnel Master that belongs to the application family HR MaSter. Is characterized as accurate and offers full integration with a business management system. As a powerful, integrated payroll and human resources software solution can improve labor productivity and labor efficiencies, as well as help you control labor related costs – all of which directly contribute to your company’s bottom line.

The Payroll MaSter offers the possibility of a timeless monitoring of the Payroll and the development of the personnel. It offers the possibility of customization of all the Wages, Retentions and Funds, in order for any kind of differentiation in the calculation of the Payroll from employee to employee to be covered.

IT policy and business

Being the backbone of our company, our IT system has evolved significantly, adapting to our increased business needs. In addition to providing a stable platform for our applications to operate on, it seeks to offer a degree of operational resilience congruent to our business goals.

Our private cloud infrastructure allows for quick adaptation and tolerance to failure of individual components, without sacrificing performance and stability of the applications running. In the case of failure, infrastructure tools and Business Continuity practices allow for rapid restoration of services, ensuring a small RTO (Recovery Time Objective).

Not focusing only the core provision of services, our system allows for the flexible response to the needs of the applications without being confined to the processing capacity of a single server, as would be the case in a simple IT setup. Instead, applications and processes draw from a resource pool, relative to their demands at the time. This ensures optimal utilization of resources, as well as an increased capability to meet processing demands.

These operational principles do not only apply to core IT resources. The system includes everything from the server infrastructure and extends up to the desktop of the operator, allowing for a complete service provision, with the same features, stability and performance.

In adherence to our security policy, we implement scheduled procedures for onsite as well as offsite backup as to minimize the possibility of data loss. In addition, preventing use of removable devices (USB/CDROMs) within the company has eliminated the possibility of data leakage, and next generation firewalls (NGF) actively monitor communication as to minimize exposure to external threats.